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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with developing and maintaining people’s ability to move and function throughout their lives. With an advanced understanding of how the body moves and what keeps it from moving well, physiotherapists promote wellness, mobility and independence.

Pysiotherapy services in sharjah

We treat and prevent many problems caused by pain, illness, disability and disease, sport and work-related injuries, ageing and long periods of inactivity.

Apart from offering a comprehensive evidence-based physiotherapy services at a single location, our department is supported by highly qualified and trained physiotherapists.

Our physiotherapist will:
  • Conduct Initial evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient
  • Provide treatments for post-surgery and trauma therapy, sports injury and pain therapy, post-stroke and other neurological cases (both for adults and paediatric cases)
  • Lower back and neck pain therapy and, other conditions requiring physiotherapy treatment
  • Educate patients and family members on home exercise programs which will be beneficial to patients
  • Constant re-evaluation and documentation are done based on the patient’s response to treatment
  • Coordinate and report the progress of the patients to the doctor and concerned family members
Our services include:
  • Post-Surgery and trauma therapy
  • Sports injury and pain therapy
  • Post-stroke therapy
  • Other neurological disease therapy (adult and pediatric)
  • Lower back and neck pain therapy
  • Establish or upgrade a home exercise program
  • Therapeutic exercises and muscle re-education
  • Balance and home safety training
  • Bed mobility and transfer training
  • Prosthetic training
  • GATT training and stairs/steps training
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Neurodevelopmental techniques
  • Electrotherapy and other PT modalities

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