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  • Common conditions affecting the nails are ingrown toenail, usually seen on the big toes of the feet.
  • Associated with other conditions like Psoriasis, Lichen planus, Atopic Dermatitis, and nutritional deficiencies.

Women affected with Nail Disorder

Why do I have Nail Disorders?

Nail disorders are caused by improper nail cutting technique, genetics and the natural shape of the nail.

Other reasons that contribute to having Nail Disorders are:

Improper footwear and posture The sides of the nail curve inwards and grow into the skin surrounding it, causing inflammation and pain. It can sometimes lead to secondary infections as well.

Fungal infections Nail fungal infections are common and require long-term treatment with antifungals. Both topical and oral treatment is required for optimal results. In some severe cases, careful surgical excision of the nail is also done.

Nail Disorders Treatment Options

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