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  • Corns are hard, painful areas of skin that often develop on the feet in response to pressure or friction.
  • Distinct, often hard centres surrounded by inflamed skin.
  • Shaped like a cone with the pointy tip projecting into the skin.
  • Painful corns need to be addressed, as it can hamper the lifestyle of the patient.

Foot affected with Corn

Why do I have Corns?

Corns are the skin’s protective response to friction or pressure and are not harmful. The pain is due to the compression of small nerves when the corn is pushed inwards during walking or pressure-bearing. They are usually not painful at rest unless there is a lot of inflammation.</p

Other reasons that contribute to having Corns are:

Ill-fitting shoes They are more common among people who wear ill-fitting shoes, have sweaty feet, and those who stand for long periods each day.

Corn Treatment Options

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