How to improve your relationship with your child?


Parenting becomes much easier and fun if you develop a strong relationship with your child. Making your bond stronger with your kids requires some work and efforts. Pediatricians suggest if you develop a deep bond with your children they will be more willing to talk about their problems with you. Here are few simple tips parents can use to improve their relationship with children.

Play with your Children

The most valuable thing that parents can give to children is their time. If you want to bond with your children, the best way is to be a part of their playtime. You can play board games with them or just sing along & dance with them. Make sure you leave your cell phone behind while playing with the kids to give them your undivided attention. You can also indulge in outdoor games with your child.

Establish Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime stories are a great way to bond with your kids. Bedtime may be the only time for working parents to spend some quality time with their kids. You may also like to listen about the highlights of your child’s day before kissing them goodnight.

Tell your children you love them

Most of the times we fail to express our love and affection towards our children. Even on tough days or after having an argument with your child, don’t forget to tell your children that you love them unconditionally. A simple ‘I Love You’, no matter how old your child is, can help you deepen your bond with your kids.

Involve them in your daily activities

Children feel powerful when you ask them to help you in various day to day chores. Let your child assist you with grocery shopping or arranging the house. Ask them for their opinions before you choose a dress for yourself. This will make them feel valued and also help in the bonding process.