Helping Children During Immunizations

Immunization is an extremely important part of your child’s medical care. Vaccinations protect your children from several illnesses. Though we know how crucial vaccinations are but sometimes the children express fear or anxiety over getting an injection. Fortunately there are many ways that a parent can help their children during immunizations to overcome the fear of needles.

For Infants (newborn to 12 months)

While taking your infant for immunization, keeping a few things in mind can save your baby from becoming uncomfortable or upset. It includes:

  • Make sure that your baby has a good nap before the vaccine is administered.
  • Feed your baby 1-2 hours before the vaccination is administered.
  • During and after the immunization, you can help your baby by providing gentle comfort and reassurance. For instance, you can wrap your baby in a blanket, offer a pacifier or simply hold and soothe them.
  • If your baby has a favorite toy, you can use that to distract your baby while he/she gets the vaccine.
Toddlers and young children

If your child has the fear of needle it’s better to make them understand that it will just feel like a minute prick and it won’t be that painful. Use distraction techniques like talking about some fun activities that can be done after the jab. Parents also need to be calm and confident while the vaccine is being administered. Sometimes being over-assuring can also trigger the fear of needles.

Older Children and teens

When your older children need to be immunized, it should not be much of a trouble. If your child is anxious about the process you can teach them breathing techniques and ask them to think about pleasant things while the vaccine is being administered.

If the above mentioned techniques don’t help you can seek the guidance of a pediatrician.