Reasons Why Your Child needs Flu Shot

Some people do not understand that flu can be dangerous and as a result thousands of kids are hospitalized because of it every year and the consequences can be life threatening in some cases. Though it is recommended by pediatricians for kids aged 6 months and above but still many parents are hesitant to take their children to get this extremely beneficial annual vaccine.

The health care providers have always emphasized that flu shots are absolutely safe and protect against viruses. Though there are several myths surrounding the efficacy of the flu shots given to children but pediatricians have always approved of these vaccines. A few reasons why your child needs these flu shots include:

Flu Shots are Safe:

The minimum age for a flu shot recipient is 6 months. There are few conditions that would prevent kids from getting one. For instance if your child has fever, the pediatrician may not recommend the shot. The flu shots can’t make your child sick as they are made with components of inactivated influenza or a weakened virus. The recipients may experience brief soreness and swelling at the injection site and less than 1 percent will experience fever, chills and muscle aches.

Ensures Protection to All:

Getting vaccinated doesn’t just protect your child but it is also helpful in protecting the other vulnerable people in your family and society such as immunocompromised patients and elderly.

Avoid Sick Days at School

Getting a flu shot will help your child by not missing on important days in school and concentrate on learning.

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