The Difference between Dermal Fillers & Skin boosters

When it comes to staying youthful and radiant the two most popular injectable cosmetic treatments that come to your mind would be dermal fillers and skin boosters. Because they are both usually hyaluronic acid based, it may seem similar to most of the people but there are several differences between the two most popular anti-ageing treatments.

Keep reading this blog to understand more about these popular treatments, and get to know which one is right for you. Let’s break down the differences:

Type of hyaluronic acid

Though both the treatments make the use of hyaluronic acid to reverse the signs of ageing but in skin boosters, the molecules are loosely bound and can easily integrate into the delicate layers of the skin. Meanwhile, derma fillers have molecules of hyaluronic acid that are more tightly bound and can give more defined structure to the skin.

Treatment Areas

Both treatments target different areas therefore it is really dependent on your individual desires as to which treatment would be best for you. Derma fillers is a treatment that helps to restore areas that have lost volume as one ages (e.g. under eye bags), address areas of aesthetic asymmetry such as weak chins, and reshape places such as the jawline and nose.

This treatment focuses only on one area at a time. Meanwhile, skin boosters is a more holistic treatment and when injected it spreads under the skin evenly making the face, hand or other area looking plump and radiant.

Which Treatment lasts longer?

Derma fillers typically last from 6-18 months based on the location where the filler is used. Whereas skin boosters last for six months and requires two treatments 4 weeks apart to get the best results.

So after reading this blog you would have understood that though both treatments look similar at a glance but they have different purposes. Whilst dermal fillers can be used for altering the shape of facial features (goodbye, bumpy nose and hello, plump lips), replacing lost volume due to ageing and contouring, skin boosters don’t have any role in volumising or restructuring the face.

Still if you have any doubts regarding which treatment would suit you better don’t shy away from reaching out the expert dermatologists at Sunny Derma and get the treatment that suits you best.