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Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

A crown is made to cover the tooth. A crown is required if tooth is damaged with decay, if the tooth is having big filling bigger than tooth structure, in root canal treated teeth to protect the tooth fracture as usually tooth will be brittle as its non vital , for aesthetic reasons to hide stains and irregular shape etc.

A bridge is made to replace one or more missing teeth .It is a good permanent solution to replace teeth if patient don’t adopt implant for the same. It is necessary to replace missing teeth to restore the normal function of teeth and also to prevent moving of remaining adjacent teeth to the vacant space causing gaps between teeth. Opposite jaw teeth can also grow to the vacant space. Different types of crowns and bridges are available like metal ceramic, full ceramic ( emax , zirconia) etc. Patient can choose according to the aesthetics and budget.

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Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Are you looking for an effective way to replace your missing teeth? If so, a dental bridge can be the fastest and easiest choice. A dental bridge consists of two crowns known as abutment teeth or implants on either side of the gap in mouth, in addition to a pontic (false tooth) that joins the two crowns. 

The material used to construct the false teeth may vary in each case. Widely-popular materials are usually metals such as gold, silver or porcelain. Besides aesthetic purpose dental bridges also have several functional benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages: 

Smile & Speak with Confidence

Do you feel shy while smiling for a photograph because of a missing tooth? A dental bridge is the easiest option to restore your confidence as well as your smile.

Losing multiple teeth can lead to difficulty in speaking. Dental bridges can get rid of difficulty in pronouncing certain words. 

Makes Chewing Easy

After losing a tooth or multiple teeth chewing certain types of food can be uncomfortable and challenging. Another important benefit of getting a dental bridge procedure done is it improves your ability to chew

Easy to Maintain

Dentures need to be removed for cleaning whereas dental bridges can be cleaned by brushing just like your natural teeth.

Prevents Drifting

When you fill in gaps in your smile with a restorative procedure like a dental bridge, it helps in preventing adjacent teeth from moving into the space of the missing tooth.

Keeps Jawline in Shape

Tooth loss can even result into jawline weakening because it is the tooth roots that stimulate bone cells present in the jawbone. In absence of the stimulation jawbone starts deteriorating causing further tooth decay and changes in facial structure. To prevent it is important to make sure that area of gums where tooth is missing is stimulated this is where dental bridges help.

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