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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

One of the first things that one notices while looking at Hollywood stars is their perfect million bucks smile and let’s be honest, we all long to have a similar smile. The good news is that flashing such flawless pearly white smile is possible for everyone. We know it seems hard to believe, but by choosing the Hollywood smile procedure you can also get gap-free, perfectly aligned teeth and the smile that can win over anyone.

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What is Hollywood smile?

There are no one-size fits all solution when it comes to Hollywood smile. Our dentist will assess your oral condition and talk to you to understand what all features you exactly want and chalk out the Hollywood smile according to that.

How is Hollywood smile different from Veneers?

There is a common misconception that Hollywood smile is just adding veneers to hide the chipped or broken tooth. But Hollywood smiles include more steps in some cases, thus Hollywood smile is not just fixing veneers to enhance the smile.

How can Hollywood smile impact your life?

Everyone desires a bright and perfect looking smile and with Hollywood smile we give you exactly what you desire. Without even an ounce of doubt you can be sure that once the procedure is over you will feel more confident about your smile and love yourself a little bit more. Moreover, perfectly aligned whiter teeth are a sign of great physical and mental health, and it will make you look more approachable and friendly.

Is the procedure painful?

If your dentist feels that you need an invasive treatment such as a dental implant during the procedure, you might experience a little bit of pain but that can be managed with painkillers. Otherwise, during the procedure the patient will not experience any kind of pain.

What is the lifespan of Hollywood smile?

The lifespan of the Hollywood smile depends on the lifespan of the veneers, crowns and dental implants used in the procedure. It is important that you follow the instruction of the dentists once the procedure is over.

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