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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Our consultant nephrologists / internists (internal medicine doctors) are highly experienced and can provide compassionate & patient-centric care in the following ways:

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Managing Hypertension

Effective management of hypertension involves lifestyle modifications such as a low-sodium diet, regular exercise, and weight control. Our expert internal medicine doctors/nephrologist may prescribe medicines to regulate blood pressure. Regular monitoring and adherence to the treatment plan are crucial for preventing complications and maintaining renal health.

Treating Proteinuria (Excess protein in urine)

Addressing proteinuria often includes managing the underlying cause, such as diabetes or kidney disease. Our internists can prescribe medications as well as suggest lifestyle changes, such as dietary protein restriction and avoiding nephrotoxic substances to mitigate proteinuria.

Treating Haematuria (Blood in urine)

The treatment of hematuria depends on its underlying cause. Conditions like urinary tract infections, kidney stones, or glomerulonephritis may require antibiotics, pain management, or anti-inflammatory medications.

Managing urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are commonly treated with antibiotics, and the choice of medication depends on the specific bacteria causing the infection. Increasing fluid intake, urinating frequently, and maintaining good hygiene practices help prevent UTIs. In recurrent cases, a thorough evaluation may be conducted to identify underlying factors contributing to the infections.

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