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Dental Filling

Dental Filling

How many of you have experienced a cavity and your dentist asked you to go for a dental filling? We are sure a lot of you might have gone through this common dental procedure at least once in your lifetime. These fillings help restore the functionality of the tooth, prevent further damage, and improve overall oral health. Fillings are also used to repair chipped or broken teeth.

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Materials used for dental filling

Filling is usually made of composite resin that resembles natural teeth. Other materials that can be used for fillings are amalgam, porcelain or metals like gold and silver.

Amalgam Fillings: These fillings contain mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper. They are durable and less expensive but are more visible.

Composite resin fillings: They are tooth colored and most popular fillings as they are more natural looking but they are not as durable as amalgam fillings.

Glass ionomer fillings: These fillings release fluoride over time and are often used in filling cavities in baby teeth or only small cavities.

Indirect Filling (Porcelain filling)

Indirect fillings are considered when you don’t have enough tooth structure left for a normal filling. This kind of filling is manufactured in the laboratory and requires two visits before being placed. During the first visit the decay or old filling is removed. An impression is taken to record the shape of the tooth being repaired and the teeth around it.

There are two kinds of indirect fillings: inlays and outlays. They are highly aesthetic and last much longer than the traditional fillings.

Who needs Dental Filling?

Wondering if you need a dental filling? Here are few signs that you do:

  1. You have tooth decay (cavity)
  2. You experience tooth sensitivity.
  3. You have worn-down teeth (maybe due to bruxism)
  4. You have fractured or chipped tooth.

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