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Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces

When it comes to straightening the teeth, self-ligating braces are becoming a popular choice. These braces can be made of metal or ceramic and the most popular self-ligating braces are Damon, 3M Smart Clip and In- Ovation. For braces to work effectively archwires must be secured by the brackets. In traditional braces the elastic bands/ties (ligatures) secure the archwires whereas in self-ligating braces there is an inbuilt system that holds the archwires.

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Types of Self-ligating Braces

There are different types of self-ligating braces available including passive & active systems. Both types use a small door or gate like mechanism to close over the bracket. The passive self-ligating braces use a sliding mechanism to hold wire and allow more freedom of movement. Meanwhile, the active self-ligating brackets have a built-in spring mechanism that applies gentle and continuous pressure on teeth.

How are Self-ligating brackets better than traditional braces?

There are several benefits of using self-ligating braces over the traditional braces such as:

Easier to clean: Many times people with traditional braces complain of food getting stuck in the ligatures around the brackets but with self-ligating brackets there are no ligatures hence making it better to maintain good oral hygiene.

Minimal discomfort: The self-ligating braces cause less discomfort than the traditional braces as they lack the elastic ties.

Reduced Friction: The self-ligating braces exert less friction on the teeth allowing smoother tooth movement and faster treatment.

Shorter appointments: Self-ligating braces result in mildly shorter appointment times because of how easy they are to adjust. They are therefore a good choice for patients who are more sensitive to discomfort and patients who cannot sit still in the dental chair for very long.

Fewer adjustments: The elastic ties/ligatures used in the traditional braces will require more adjustments whereas the absence of ligatures in self-ligating braces make the adjustment appointments with the orthodontist fewer.

Popular Self-ligating Braces

3M Smart Clip: These are precisely finished nickel titanium clips and smooth radiused surfaces for enhanced patient comfort.

In-ovation: These braces use passive self-ligating mechanism and use ceramic brackets making them less discreet.

Damon: They utilize sliding-door mechanisms and aim to  provide more comfortable and discreet orthodontic treatment.

How to Choose the Perfect Self-ligating braces?

To know if self-ligating braces are apt for you, the  first step is to  visit our orthodontist who will assess your problems and give you the best possible treatment. Our specialist orthodontist is an expert in using self-ligating brackets like Damon,3M Smart Clip and In- Ovation.

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