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Soft Light Laser Hair Bleaching

Soft Light Laser Hair Bleaching

What is Soft Light Laser Hair Bleaching?  It is normal to have fine hair on the outer corner of your lips or chin, but it can be a cause of concern for many when it becomes more visible and shaving and waxing are going to trigger more growth. Even traditional laser hair removal isn't effective. The best way to fix this problem is opting for soft light laser hair bleaching – the ultimate solution for tackling fine hair, which standard hair removal lasers might miss. Soft light laser bleaching stands as a temporary fix, working even on the most delicate hairs with unparalleled accuracy. Through this process, the hair is bleached without harm to the neighboring tissue.

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Employing cutting-edge technology like the Q-switch laser, this treatment surpasses other laser methods in precision when pinpointing fine hairs.

How does the treatment work?

The procedure simply works by targeting the melanin in the baby hair and bleaching it making it less visible. Maintenance sessions for soft light laser hair bleaching can be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks or as necessary.

Benefits of Soft Light Laser Hair Bleaching

  • Works on fine hair that are difficult to target during laser hair removal procedure.
  • The process is safe as it works on all skin types, especially for clients with darker skin tone
  • Delivers natural looking results.
  • Quick in comparison to other treatments
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive way of tackling unwanted hair.

Results of the treatment

Soft light laser hair bleaching is a short in-clinic procedure that requires minimal downtime. If you are opting for this procedure, remember that it is a non-permanent treatment, and you will need to visit us for follow up treatments as usually fine hair will reappear after 6-8 weeks. 

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If fine facial hair is bothering you, and you are searching for the best soft light laser hair bleaching procedure in Sharjah, visit us to experience quality treatment firsthand. 

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